I Could Just Dine!

If the Sarah’s dining room redo doesn’t get you in the mood to sit down and dine, then check your pulse, my friend. Because this one stopped my heart a little bit. It is so dreamy. I just drew little hearts with wings around the words “Lindsey + Sarah’s dining room = luv FOREVA!” on my notebook.

Check it out on Sarah’s blog The Mom Jeans Memoir. But keep your hands off, girlfriend, this dining room is MINE. At least in my dreams, that is.

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  1. Is that a Ghost chair I see? Or a knock off? Either way I LOVE IT.

  2. what a great mix of patterns and textures!

  3. I want that rug! I’ve been looking for one here for so long with no luck.

  4. The flooring and the rug and the curtains and the…..(drool)

  5. yu…droooool here too:) on the mirror!!!

  6. Wow! Its dramatic and beautiful.

  7. Wow!!! What a change !!!!

  8. Now that is a place I want to be invited over for dinner. That looks like night and day. Great job.

  9. I D.I.E. Perfection!

  10. that is freaking gorgeous!!!

  11. Her execution and styling is right on. I LOVE it!

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