Hey Santa

You know what I’d like to find under my tree this year? Provided I had a really enormous tree?

Jennifer’s kitchen in its entirety. Speaking of trees, this before kitchen is what I imagine living inside a tree might look like. Oak and more oak. Up, down, all around, oak everywhere you look.

The after is perfection though, down to the antique silver accents and fresh green apples scattered oh-so-effortlessly about. Also loving the heirloom chandelier that replaced the boob light. The chandelier is from the 1930’s and used to belong to Jennifer’s grandmother. Isn’t it beautiful? I have a feeling none of our descendants will be clamoring for our old boob lights.

Lots more to see on her website Jennifer Rizzo.

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  1. Yeah. That’s awesome. Nothin’ more to say than that.

  2. gorgeous! I’m so amazed what people can do 🙂

  3. I thought I was the only one who called them bosom lights

  4. O M G! Beautiful!

  5. Wow – what a great transformation! Your kitchen is just beautiful – I really love your light fixture. Great job!!


  6. Makes me want to go paint my cabinets white…. right now!

    Yes the boob lights aren’t worth passing generation to generation. Had to laugh you call them that too.

  7. Lightening up made a huge difference, but the lighting sold me. I want this kitchen under my tree too!

  8. Looooooooooooooooove!

  9. I laughed too when you referred to the old light as the boob. That’s what we said the first time we saw one of those lights. It’s probably some designer’s idea of a joke and NONE of the builders realized it.

  10. love

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