Had Plaid

This bedroom was probably super in-style at some point. However, that point has come and was so far gone that no one really remembers if it actually existed or was just a bad dream we collectively had once. Things were looking a little dated and a lot plaid.

Amanda from Casa Brasi stepped in to underhaul this floral fusillade into a simple serene space. How much do I love that bird headboard? Probably more than I should. Lots more details over on her blog, thanks Amanda!

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  1. Thanks for featuring Lindsey!! I appreciate it!

  2. The before wasn’t so bad. However, it is greatly refereshed in the after photo.

  3. very 5 star relaxing get away kind of room! bravo!

  4. AWESOME!!!!

    You should be so proud- great transformation!!!

  5. The bird headboard is seriously killing me with its adorability. Must. Get. Husband. To Copy.

  6. Definitely one of my all time favorites! Love the pillow fabric. M.

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