Getting Dressed & Distressed

Kari had two similar dressers, but does that mean they need similar makeovers? No sir. She gave the wide one a coat of coastal blue (she mixed the shade herself with leftovers) and silvery handles, which looks absolutely dreamy.

The taller one got a distressed paint job of antique red with black handles, perfect for her boys who needed more drawer space. They look like a million bucks, and wouldn’t you know, they were $40 for the pair at a yard sale! Thanks for sharing Kari!

83 pages of tips, instructions and pictures for only $10!

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I have personally read this ebook and am happy to recommend it,

and I am totally not just saying that because Better After is name-checked in it! What what!


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  1. A perfect Un-matched pair! Great makeovers! Diana

  2. I picked up that exact same dresser off of craigslist for free!! Can’t wait to finally make over mine! These both look fantastic!

  3. Thanks guys! I had so much fun with these… the shorter/wider one now has a home with a cute li’l family 🙂

  4. I have this exact same dresser (the taller one) and so does my sister and we have been wondering if it would be worth it to make it over. I would say YES after seeing this post, thank you! It sounds like there are quite a few of these dressers floating around do you get a lot of make overs of these dressers? If so I would love to see more 🙂

  5. I just love your blog. It not only shares with us such wonderful makeovers but proves that you don’t have to have a lot of $$$$ to have some beautiful things. It just amazes me what some people can do with so little!

  6. Nice job Kari! I love them both!

  7. i love them! there are gorgeus! kisses

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