Cushy Coffee

On the very unlikely chance you decided to invest in french grain sacks a few years ago, you are probably a little richer today, because those things are suddenly a hot commodity. Who knew? Maybe I’ll start storing tumbleweeds or something in my garage just in case it becomes super popular to decorate with them.

Clare loved the look but not the price of the french grain sack trend, so she improvised with the next best thing. Coffee sacks! Hey, maybe THAT’S the next big thing! I bet they smell really good.

Full upholstery tutorial over on her blog Doesn’t Cost the Earth.

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  1. WOW looks great.

    Took me awhile to find the tutorial as I couldn’t find a search box on her blog. For anyone else

    I have a triangle couch piece that was DH’s grandmothers. Now to get up the nerve. Thanks

  2. Whoops, don’t know why that wasn’t linked right in the first place. All fixed now, thanks Sandy!

  3. that is truly fantastic. Super impressed at her skills!

  4. That is amazing.

  5. Really cute chair transformation! I love the fabric and the shape of the chair!

  6. I gotta hang out with Clare. In addition to a cool chair, she has a STOCKED liquor cabinet. 😉

  7. I am always surprised when I see people using coffee burlap sacks for upholstry. My husband works as a coffee roaster and those sacks look great, but are incredibly scratchy and itchy. Also, since they hold green beans, not roasted ones, they don’t smell like coffee.

  8. Cute and shabby, it’s a much more interesting decor accent than the original!

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