Coffee Date

Check out this sweet coffee table redo from Bethany at Craftopia!

Just a simple, easy coat or two of satin black spray paint and some silver paint on the knobs (they appear white in the pic, which would be a cool look too) and it goes from ‘dated’ to ‘date-able’ if you are the kind of person who would go on a date with furniture, because I am. Thanks Bethany!
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  1. AND the result is so modern and sexy. Beautiful work!

  2. It looks great – I like that she updated the hardware too.

    I always love hearing what your comments are going to be about each project you showcase. You crack me up. 🙂

  3. Ahh, I’m famous! Thanks for sharing my table! And fyi, I would also totally date furniture, but this one’s taken 😉 hehehe.

  4. Pretty.

  5. My grandma had a coffee table just like that and I always wanted to take it and paint it, Glad to see someone else thought the same way I did. Turned out fantastic! Love it.

  6. Ooh it’s pretty! Do you have to sand your project first before spray painting it?

  7. What a fabulous transformation! I love it~

  8. I’m glad that not EVERYONE on this planet reads this blog, or all thrift stores would be empty! Great makeover.

  9. This is a great makeover! One of my faves of all time and so simple too!

    I’d definitely date that table.

  10. I see those tables all the time and walk away. I will for sure have to take a second look. It looks amazing!

  11. I could swear we had a coffee table just like that when I was a kid.

    Amazing “after”!


  12. I would totally hit that! (Did I really write that?)

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