Bless My Bench

Is your bare front porch begging for a bench? Does your foyer seem sparse without several soft seats on which to sit? Hmmmm. What to do when a single chair is just not enough?

Claire saw the solution to this dilemma from a mile away and simply screwed her three freebie chairs together to form a single unit. She added some Gorilla Glue for good measure, a coat of black spray paint, and a cushion with a cover she made herself to top it all off. Now she has a fabulous piece of furniture, plus bragging rights whenever anyone comes over and says “Well bless my soul, where ever did you get that adorable bench?!”

See it on her blog Bless My Nest.

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  1. Hi Lindsey- I was thrilled to be featured on Better After-one of my fav blogs-thanks and keep up the fabulous writing! Happy Holidays!

  2. That is so clever – and CUTE!

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