Any professional interior designer would look at this before room and probably clap their hands with glee at all the possibilities and potential. This is why I would fail as an interior designer, because I would look at this before room and think “There is no hope to be had here.”
But, I AM a professional interior designer appreciator, which is still a noble calling, I think. Someone has to ooh and ahh at the pretty after pictures. I’m glad to do it! This lovely room redo comes from Mike and Katrina at At Home Alterations. (Full cost breakdown over there of every single everything that went into this room, check it out!)
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  1. Such a great makeover! It’s like a real grownup room. You never see that in dormer bedrooms, somehow they usually end up looking like a teenage hangout.

  2. That is a beautiful bedroom!! I want it! 😉

  3. Ha! “professional interior designer appreciator” – I am so putting that on my next resume. 🙂

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