After the Love Has Gone

This pie safe has survived about 50 years worth of earth, wind and fire, and I’m not talking about the 
R and B band. It belonged to Stacey’s great-grandmother over 100 years ago, and by the time Stacey got her hands on it, it basically had to be excavated from the ground where it had sat and been subjected to all the elements for decades. Ok, maybe not fire, but pretty much all of the other elements.

After a LOT of tender loving care, Stacey fully restored it and gave it a most deserving home indoors. Those pull out bins were for sugar and flour, so handy! 
See more on her blog House of Chic and Penoche.

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  1. Gorgeous transformation! Bravo!

  2. Mmm…pie safe. Love it!

  3. Wow! Looks great! I would SO love to get my hands on a piece like this (and have the time and space to work on it!) Well done.

  4. Simply Gorgeous. I’d love to stumble on a find like that one.

  5. What a gorgeous piece of furniture!
    They sure knew how to make functional pieces back then.
    It looks beautiful, all redone.

  6. UMMM I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I am OB-SESSED with the mustardy yellow color right now!!

    so pretty! wonderful job!

    XO, Mallory

  7. This just really gives me the urge to paint something yellow!

  8. LOVE IT!

  9. Love this piece of furniture!
    Well done!!

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