Review, Giveaway, and Cute Baby Alert!!!

This is my little brother Nate, his wife Kalli, and their most outrageously adorable little chunk -of-a monkey, Gavin.
Here is Gavin up close. He’s so cute and chubby I can’t stand it! I kiss and squeeze all over him whenever I’m around, and he probably is starting to think of me as totally crazy and developing a deepening aversion toward me. 
Sorry, one more, I can’t help myself! 
Anyway, I swear I have a point here. Here’s the point. Nate and Kalli just bought their first home. Kalli has this unhuman gift for decorating; she could seriously make an outhouse cute in her sleep using toilet paper and duct tape. So she had Gavin’s room all dolled up in a jiffy. Only problem was, Mr. Gavin was used to sleeping in a basement, so his adorable new room went from this: 
to this: 
What to do? Give up on style or give up on naptime? 
Luckily, Redi Shade came to the rescue! The kind people at Redi Shade offered me a free Simple Fit shade, and being the nice auntie I am sometimes, I decided Gavin should have it. (Plus, I haven’t given Nate a birthday present in like, five years and he hasn’t let me forget it, so this should get him off my back for a while).
This thing is amazing. It took all of about 30 seconds to install, no tools, no brackets, no nothing. 
Simple Fit shades come in two options, light filtering or blackout. They went with black out, and it is SO DARK in there! 
It is super sturdy, high quality, and you can raise and lower it with a finger! Plus no cords, so it is safe for Gavin! I am going to win the best aunt award after all! (Take that Tori!) 
And guess what? You could win a Simple Fit shade yourself. The nice folks at Redi Shade would like to offer Better After readers a chance to win a free custom shade! You pick the size, you pick the color and light filtering level! This is valued at up to $233!! 
How to enter: Just leave me a comment on this post and tell me where you would use your Simple Fit shade! 
Easy peasy. 
Word to the wise though… Nate measured a bit too short. When they say “exact dimensions” they mean it. Nate just measured the old blinds which were hung from the top, but the factory makes compensations for size, so there is a little extra space as you can see. Luckily, the shade comes with some spacers just in case, and it still works great! 
And uh, the shade is a spotless, glorious white, even though this picture makes it appear like I delivered it to Nate’s house by dragging it behind a city bus. 
Good luck! Winner will be chosen Monday!

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  1. I hear sooo many good things about these shades! My son and DIL just bought a new home (new to them home)..they also have a baby used to a darker room..I would love to be able to give this to them (even though I could be selfish and keep it for my bathroom..hehe).
    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  2. Oh, my girls room is in need of some shades! I would love to win these!

  3. I’m a night shift nurse and could use this in my bedroom! I have two windows however and would need to buy a match, but for a perfectly dark bedroom at noontime – woohoo!

  4. I am moving my son to his “big boy” room and the nice AZ sun shines right in a huge window in the room! I would love to use it in their so I can keep nap time for as long as possible!

  5. I would put it in my son’s room so I could take down the black sheet that we currently have hanging up in there!

  6. This is exactly what I have been looking for. We live a home with Western exposure for the bedroom. My husband had brain surgery several years ago. As a result of this one eye does not close properly and he does not sleep well with any light coming into the room. He uses a sleep mask but because he is restless it is always shifting off his eyes. When that happens and he doesn’t realize that it needs adjusting he tosses and turns and keeps me awake. This would be a blessing in my life. Diana

  7. I would use this in my bedroom, the neighbors lights are so bright and I can’t stand sleeping with light in the room. I even cover up my alarm clock haha!

  8. We are grad students living in a tiny townhouse and have had to put my baby’s crib in front of a window. He’s still too little to touch the curtains that are currently there but I have been searching for a baby safe, blackening shade because before I know it he’s going to be all over the place!

  9. I would put it on my sliding glass door. The only “window” that doesn’t have a blind.

  10. I have lots of windows that need shades!!!

  11. What a cute room. Where did she get those locker?

  12. Oooh! My son’s bedroom could use these. It’s always super sunny in there.

  13. I have never seen these before..I am a shift worker so one of this would soon become my new best friend…thanks for the chance to sleep during the day…..hehehe! great lookin shade

  14. The shades would look so much better if someone ironed those curtains before hanging them! All the creases are killin’ me. (Sorry, pet peeve). Great giveaway though, someone will be very blessed by them! Gavin’s adorable.

  15. This is actually the first time I hear about them. Sounds great! I have always bought blinds like the ones they sell at walmart and i tell you they don’t do the job. I would love to win this for my son’s room. His window faces the side of the house where the sun goes down and when is the hottest time of the day. He can not be there during that time. I had put his dresser in front of the window to block part of it but still a lot of light comes through. This will be a great gift for him.
    thank you!

    p.s. Gavin IS adorable! 😉

  16. what a great aunt and sister you are! that is a wonderful solution-way better than that brown downer.

    i would love to use this in my kitchen window-i want the light to come in, but still be a bit private. thanks for this giveaway!

  17. My daughter just moved into her first place – would love these for her new house 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. My master bedroom!

  19. Oh I totally want one!! I would put it in….(hold on I am trying to think of my favorite room in my house at the moment….) My daughter Dylan’s room. And I would get maximum light filtration! And you cute nephew is so cute I want to suck on his cheek.

    love your guts

  20. I would really love to put one of these in my daughter’s bedroom to help with the lights! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  21. Oooo I Love these! My friend just bought a home that has them and I have been super jealous ever since I laid eyes on them! I’d love one for my bedroom- any bit of morning light and I’m wide awake. It would be fabulous to get a couple of extra Zzzs with these little babies!!!
    lovealways_candice @

  22. In our bedroom!

  23. I don’t know if this giveaway is open to Canadian residents, but if it is- I would put the shade in my dining room. We have a big window that faces East, so my kids & I are constantly squinting while eating breakfast. ;-D

  24. Ooh- Garrett should be Jo- his wife. LOL.

  25. In the basement!

  26. I would totally put these in our guest/spare room, after I washed the curtains that I put in there one of the panels shrunk to about 3 inches shorter! Plus this room gets a lot of sunlight and we would love more privacy since it faces the front of the house! Love that there are NO tools required!

  27. So, the after picture looks just like my son’s room. He has a big black blanket hanging over the window. UGLY. So this would pretty much be the best thing to ever happen to his room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I would LOVE to have these shades in my kids’ rooms! We moved to Alaska last year and the midnight sun is a little problematic when it is shining right in their windows at bedtime.

  29. I could use the shade in any room in our house, we only have the thin paper ones that you can buy at Wal-mart for a few dollars. We’ve had them for 2 YEARS! I could really use some new blinds or window coverings.

  30. Oh my goodness, this giveaway is for me! We recently moved my daughter into her own room. She loves it except for the light that comes in. She gets the morning sun AND the light from the garage at night. She has been shoving her poor stuffed animals up in to window to block the light. We definitely need to save the dignity of the animals and get her one of these blinds. What a great giveaway!

  31. I’d love to have these for my kitchen. I like that they are so easy to pull up and down!

  32. I have a son. He is 3 months old and very curious. He will be exhausted with red pouffy eyes, but the silly kid won’t go to sleep unless it is dark. Like really dark. If not, he will just stare at his surroundings all day long. His nursery has a big window and no matter what curtains or shades I’ve tired, I cannot get it dark enough in there (go here to check it out So this resorts to me rocking him to sleep in the bathroom where there aren’t any windows. As much as I love spending half of my life in the bathroom, I would LOVE it even more if I could sit in the nice rocking chair in his dark-enough nursery and rock him to sleep… like a normal human being:)

  33. AND I forgot to mention, once he falls asleep he’ll wake up if I put him in his crib because it’s too bright. Then we’re back to square one in the bathroom (ugh). So I end up holding him the WHOLE time he naps- with a blanket over his head. I only wish I were kidding.

  34. Never heard of these before…but boy I wish I had back in my days of working overnights! I think at this point, I’d put it in my daughter’s room… her window is the only one on the east side of our house, so she’s always the first one up…even though we have walmart brand darkening shades.

    clark6703 at earthlink dot net

  35. I’d have to get it installed in the Master bedroom…that way hubby won’t wake up as soon as the sun comes up which then wakes me too,grrrr!!!!

  36. i would use it in my kitchen 🙂

    looks great 🙂

    thanks for sharing and the to cute baby 🙂

    plse enter me in your giveaway


    Betty Bake

  37. I would love to win this!! I’ve been looking for a shade for my kitchen window. I hate walking into the kitchen in the morning in my jammies to get my coffee where I know the whole neighborhood can see me! I know it would be so much better after!!

    Love your blog, by the way!! I wouldn’t change a thing.

  38. I would put this in my son’s room. If you saw the horrible bent-metal blinds he currently has… its horrible! LOL

  39. wooo! another chance at one of these awesome shades! I would use it for my dining room window. We have been living in this house since May and only like 4/17 have any form of window covering… I want some privacy! (I’m considering putting up blankets with duck tape too, lol. Help!)

  40. I would love this shade! My two year old just loves to bust the blinds in his bedroom which leads to lots of light coming in. I’m losing nap time and my sanity!

  41. I sooooooooo need this blind in my bedroom. Thanks for entering me in the draw!

  42. Wow! How wonderful.
    We moved in to a house with a large open room with beautifully huge and non-curtained windows looking down our driveway. For ages (years!) the room went virtually unused but then I turned it in to my sewing room…a little privacy would be great.

  43. My Husband is a Coal Miner and this would be great for when he is on afternoon shift.

  44. I would love one of these in my guest room where the morning light is brutal.

  45. Def. in my little ones’ room so they don’t wake up so early. =)

  46. Definitely in our bedroom to replace the dingy white sheet-like shade we’re using now!

  47. I would install this shade in my guest room so my guests will sleep in and I won’t have to make them breakfast.

  48. oh my daughters room definitely could use this! i miss naptime too!

  49. Ooohh, cute baby!

    I’d use the shade in my guest bedroom.

  50. This would be so great in our nursery we are working on!

  51. i too would put it in a nursery for my baby girl… then i’d probably buy one for my two year old, then i’d probably get one for me and the hubs too.

  52. I’m moving into a 1925 craftsman bungalow (restoration in process)next week and could really use one of these!

  53. Hi, I could really use one of these on my living room window. Its big and glorious but we need privacy in the evenings.
    Thanks a bunch

  54. Our basement blinds are really beat up and need to be replaced. Thanks!

  55. In our new house, our neighbors keep their lights on right outside our bedroom window all night so I would put them in our room

  56. I SO need this for my girls room. I have a make-shift eyesore up currently. PICK ME PLEASE!

  57. I would love to have this in my craft room, as the windows are bare!

  58. This would be so helpful in my baby’s room. Maybe he would sleep past 5am 🙂

  59. This would be so helpful in my baby’s room. Maybe he would sleep past 5am 🙂

  60. This would be so helpful in my baby’s room. Maybe he would sleep past 5am 🙂

  61. I would LOVE one for my son’s room! It would certainly help in the early morning!!

  62. I would love a shade for my den …the sun comes in full strength and I think the furniture would appreciate a break.

  63. Okay, so when our dog was a pup (RIP, Maggie), she destroyed the dining room blinds. I fixed them, but they only go 2/3 down!! ACK!

    THAT’s where I’d put gorgeous new blinds!!

  64. Holy cow, these look awesome! We just moved back to Eagar and as you know non of the homes there have ac. This summer I thought I would die when the sun came through out window on the west side and heated up our house to unbearable measures until the sun went down. This is exactly what I need for that window to keep the sun completely out. I could totally use that blind!! By the way I love this blog, I check it out all the time. It inspires me!

  65. My husband and I just bought our first house and are trying to figure out how to decorate in a way that’s both practical and pretty – these blinds totally fit the bill for our son’s room!

    raquelkaplan [at] hotmail [dot] com

  66. That little fella is definitely a project that doesn’t need a makeover:):) If I won the shade I would probably use it in one of our bathrooms upstairs. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  67. Gah! I love this! I would love to have one of these shades! We just moved into a house that had some crazy previous owners and basically trashed the place and the shade in my room is…lets just say not that great. It also doesn’t help that the big, bright, beautiful sun decides to wake me up too early. I would love this shade so that my husband and I could maybe sleep in until the alarm actually goes off! Thanks for the opportunity! Love the blog and I’m inspired by all these awesome, talented people! Keep it up por va vor!! 🙂

  68. I would love this for my master! It lets in way to much light in the morning!

    Hannah @

  69. I’d use it in our living room. It’s where we spend our afternoons, and where the baby naps, (on the couch with me, ;), ahem,) and it gets awfully hot and bright in there. It’d be great to have that shade to aid in our, I mean, her, naps and to keep the a/c from running non-stop.

  70. I don’t think my comment went thru so if it’s a duplicate, sorry. Anyways, I’d put it in my daughter’s room. Her room and big window faces the south and it’s too sunny and hot most of the year. This would help her sleep better too.


  71. I would use them on my living room picture window. My current blinds are dark and falling apart and the pull barely works. 🙂 Love the lockers in the room. Adorable.

  72. For my daughters big girl bedroom!! Oh to have a dark room for her to sleep in would be fabulous for this Mommy!

  73. Ohmygosh!!! I NEED to win this giveaway!!! We just started adding a HUGE family room onto our house and these shades would be perfect for fixing the sunglare on my TV

  74. oh my GOSH…I need these DESPERATELY in my daughters room…she is not a good sleeper in the day, but great at night. Wonder if this would help?!?

    Great suggestion- thanks!

  75. So glad to have you back after your hiatus! I would use this great shade in my son’s room. We are building a new house and window treatments in his room have been under discussion as he “can’t sleep” with any sliver of light. With your hint about measuring I will have to order one if I don’t win.

  76. I would use them in my bedroom. My husband is always trying out new blinds because he says he can’t sleep when their is any kind of light. We have gone through so many different kinds and he keeps threatening to put up tin foil in the window. I draw the line at that, so save me, please!!

  77. Ooooh, we have been wanting to get something like this for a long time now to help our little girl sleep. She likes it really DARK too, so we have about 4 blankets and my Snuggie up in the window to make it that way! Would love to have one!


  78. I would put it in my daughter’s room. She’s up the second the sun peeks in her window, way too early!

  79. I would so love this for my western-facing bedroom on those migraine afternoons…

  80. I’d putit in my girls’ room. The blinds in there are is SORRY condition!

  81. I luv these shades! They are so out of my budget though! I would luv to see one of these in my bathroom, or maybe in my boys’ room, or maybe in.. I can’t choose!!! By the way I love your blog it is very inspiring!

  82. In our master bedroom, where we have gone through three shades in two years already!

  83. Oh, we would use the black-out version, too, in our bedroom. The kids sleep with us, and we live in the city, so it’s always bright outside, even at night. I love the cordless safety feature, too. I would love love love this, thank you!

    mail {at}

  84. Just like your sister in law, I have a baby who wont sleep unless it is dark! I’d put it in my daughter’s room and get rid of the duct-taped-together cheap black out blinds that mar the view right now 🙂

  85. I would LOVE one of these for my baby girl’s room. She is due a month from today!

  86. I would actually be a sweetheart of a daughter in law and give it to my mother in law for her front room window! It’s a big mini blind mess right now and she would be so excited to replace it!!!

  87. I would definately put one of these in our upcoming nursery as well. Darker curtains worked wonders for my daughter!

  88. I would absolutely put this in my toddlers room. Love it!

  89. I would definitely use that in my bedroom! Hello sleeping in (:

  90. For my grandchildren’s bedroom – when it is light, they want up

  91. I have 6 windows in my bedroom! All of which let in tons of light, which is nice in the day, but not so much fun at night. I would choose a black out shade for the window closest to the street (and street lights!).

  92. I woulld be putting that shade to good use in my older son’s room which is lit up like a firworks factory by 6am. Poor dude, doesn’t the golden orb know teenagers need 23.5 hours of sleep a day?

  93. I would use it in my guest room!

  94. oooh! i’ve heard good things about this kind of shade! I’d probably put it up in our bedroom to block out the light at night (yes, light at night, it’s not fun–neighbor in the basement’s “porch” light).

  95. I have two small windows in my bedroom that need shades on them! The large window in my bedroom also needs something other than the tacky curtain we have hanging up! lol

  96. I would put them in my daughters room. They need it dark to be able to sleep.

  97. I suppose I would use them in my boys room . . .though I might be tempted to use them myself in my own room;)

  98. I would put it in my bathroom window above our tub! It is so bright and I am at a loss as to what to put there!

  99. OH!! How very nice of them. We have been looking at these. I would use it in the sun room & buy a few more to go with it…
    Thanks for the chance…

  100. Oh I soo need this! I have an autistic son who can’t sleep with even the tiniest bit of light and his window is the first place the sun hits every morning. So, me me pick me! BTW I was showing off your blog to my sister in law and she said “hey wait I know her!” I guess she went to HS with you 🙂

  101. I would probably have to put it in my daughter’s room – we have several curtains hanging up to block the light! Great idea and thanks for the giveaway!

  102. I would definitely have to put it in our master bedroom. Our room faces other townhouses, and we have no curtains at the moment… It takes some clever dressing techniques at night so no one can see. I often stand in my closet with the door partly closed!

  103. Small World. Your brother and Kalli used to be in our ward!
    K so i would put it in my little boys room! Hopefully it will have him sleeping better and in longer in the mornings!!!

  104. Oh man I need this! My son has had a black fabric, duct taped monstrosity in his bedroom for nearly 2 years now. Help!

  105. Choices, choices… do I use them in my daughter’s room because she likes to sleep in a really dark room? Then with these she’d take even longer naps! Hmmm…. choices, choices. Okay, they would go in my room! After all, I’m tired too!

    sweepyhead at gmail dot com

  106. I would use it in the front window of my living room. I just bought a Gang Tagged foreclosure and would love to have some kind of window treatment before I moved in. Heaven knows I have enough painting to do I don’t have time to make cute curtains. LOL

  107. the bay window in our guest bedroom is BEGGING for a shade…as nice and big as it may be, our guests don’t want to be peeped on! 🙂

  108. I’m redecorating our master bedroom and would use it in there. We have one large window which is currently adorned with a lovely room darkening roller blind and my new drop cloth curtains. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  109. Ditto on using these for a nursery — count me in! My parents put these in our old house and I loved sleeping in as a teenager with the black out shade. I owe the same experience to my kids. With your help of course =)

  110. wow, those are great!!
    had never heard of the company before so i owe you a big thanks!!
    i would use mine in the kitchen window, so the neighbors can’t see the “Ta-Ta’s” in the middle of the night. 🙂

  111. Can these be used on french doors? there isn’t any “frame” or a very narrow one around the window.

  112. OH! I would LOVE one for my bathroom window!! The sun comes through SO BRIGHT when I’m trying to help my kids get ready for school… I’d love to be able to block out the early morning TOO BRIGHT sun!!!

  113. LINDSEY!
    THis is why I need this bling. I HAVE TWIN 2.5 YEAR OLDS THAT NEED TO NAP! and they will not 1 because they share a room and 2 because our house faces east so the light is right in their room during nap time. I’m frazzled Im tired and I also have a 6 month old baby- and thats the only quiet time i ever get and this no napping thing is killing me! I laughed so hrd when I saw that picture because thats what their room looks like with duck tape and tin foil- but they just ripped the tin foil down! And then I spend hours twice a week picking up miniscule pieces of tin foil. COME ON BE MY WEEK TO WIN! and…..your blog rocks

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