Red Hot Foreva!

I can’t possibly imagine why Michelle from Paper Glue Etc. would want to makeover this set of lockers. The writings scrawled on its surface are nothing short of sheer poetry.

For instance, take a moment to ponder some of these thoughtful gems, like “US STANK ARENA!” and “CRACK STAFF!” Also, “Twilight!” And consider the sage advice to “Get Silly!” “Stay Fly,” and never forget “It’s all or nothing.”

Well, I actually like them much better in red. I just hope Michelle gave an extra scrub to the locker labeled “PANTIES.”

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  1. Oh, this is probably one of my favorites! Nice job!

  2. I LOVE these lockers! What an improvement:)

  3. I want one of those lockers too now! But where to put them? 😀

  4. THAT looks Awesome!!

  5. Very nice color!

  6. Thanks everyone, we have them in our foyer…shoe organizer!

  7. love the lockers have been looking for a set. they came out great.

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