Once upon a time …

This before chair was rocking a … cheerful look. So much stuff is going on in that fabric I feel like it should have come with a big fat storybook for an ottoman or some such.

I see a homey little log cabin flanked by a tree which is growing some mauve-colored fruit, a pair of sheep, a bunch of chickens, a dog, a bucking horse, more chickens, a pond, a dead tree, still more chickens and … is that an evil polar bear lumbering over the hill, coming to destroy the whole happy scene?! Or is it the ghost of the original homesteader, coming to stake his claim from beyond the grave? What’s going on?! How does it end?!

Barbra from My Pocketbook and Me was probably tired of asking herself these questions, so she reupholstered the chair in a demure damask. Lovely! But now we will never know the rest of the Epic Fabric Saga. It’s probably better that we don’t.

83 pages of tips, instructions and pictures for only $10!
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I have personally read this ebook and am happy to recommend it,

and I am totally not just saying that because Better After is name-checked in it! What what!


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  1. Impressive! I wish I knew how to upholster like that!

  2. I love that she numbered the twins so that she could tell them apart;>)

  3. I hope those aren’t confused with potty chairs by some toddler.

  4. I love them…they match my decor beautifully…..really nicely done.

  5. I love me a chair upholstered in black and white.

  6. Wow-what a difference some fabric makes-love the black/white print-the no.1 and 2 pillows rock!

  7. Hate to admit it but my old kitchen parsons chairs were covered in the before fabric, and I really liked it!

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