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Was there anything wrong with this before kitchen? Certainly not! I personally would have lovey-doved it. But Aly didn’t love it, in fact, things were getting pretty rocky in her relationship with her kitchen. She didn’t feel comfortable in there; they were growing apart. Eventually, she found herself avoiding her kitchen altogether. It was time for a change. “You have to lighten up, or I’m gone!” she tearfully declared to her kitchen during a heated exchange.

So the kitchen finally admitted that maybe change was in order. And the rest is happily ever after! Check it out on her blog A Little Great and find some great tips on cabinet painting over where while you’re at it.

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  1. I think she should paint the island black… maybe install some bead-board.

  2. Gorgeous! Did she do it herself or have it done professionally? LOVE IT.

  3. Definitely love the before!

  4. the kitchen looks gorgeous, the remodeling job has been done to perfection, the white cabinets and the bar stools and marble cabinet just look too good, great job done

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  5. Wow-the kitchen cabinets look wonderful-the whole kitchen is a fab transformation-love it!!

  6. i like the before better… white is such a trend, that in a couple years, she’ll be wishing she had kept the cabinets the lovely wood that they were. the before looks like a kraftmaid kitchen. a good change would have been just paint color and the island base. or changing the floors to a medium colored wood. just my opinion… sorry aly :/ (I like the white look, too; i just like the before better)

  7. I’m loving this kitchen makeover. Before & Afters like this make me so giddy.

  8. I would take eother one ..but she did and awesome job on the makeover..

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