Ask your doctor if it’s right for you!

Do you dream of a hi-def, super-gibungous flat-screen TV neatly mounted on the wall? Do you fantasize about inviting large groups of friends over to watch the big game, or Dancing With the Stars, if that’s the way you swing? Do you then find yourself feeling really bummed out since you know this will never happen? Because the sad truth is …
you have an ugly TV?
Don’t be ashamed. Ugly-TV-itis can happen to anyone. It’s not your fault.
Rachel wasn’t about to let her ugly TV get her down. She whipped out the white paint, enlisted the help of two side tables, and made a cohesive entertainment center out of what was formerly a lonely, wood-encased TV. Five out of five professional TV watchers would agree: much better!
See it HERE.

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  1. Oh this is soooooo much better! 100% LOVE IT!

  2. I too suffer from ugly-TV-itis, and as the name suggests, it ain’t pretty. haha! Wish she could come over and prescribe the appropriate treatment plan for my particular case. Hers turned out soo fantastic!

  3. i LOVE this. such a refreshing thing to see someone work with what they’ve got!

  4. i think it has been done very nicely, tv needs a proper place and this one fits with the right size and protection, a good job done, along with room for dvds and other things that could be accomodated in the cabinets
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  5. Fantastic project. I would never in a billion years have thought of it! Also, I love this blog for the writing as much as the projects, Lindsey, thanks for the great ideas and the hilarity.

  6. Wow, that is sooo much better! Great job!

  7. Great job!


  8. That’s very clever looking!!

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