You’ve heard the saying …

Denise’s entryway — with its hardwood floors and unique corbels — would have looked good even if it was dressed in a burlap sack. And wouldn’t you know, it is!

Denise wanted to add even more oomph to her entryway, so she used burlap fabric for a unique wall treatment, along with board and batten that she rigged herself. I also love the new black door! See more on her blog The Painted Home.

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  1. I’ll admit it… after seeing the first picture, I was skeptical!! But I love the look- so warm & so much texture. Amazing, really!

  2. GREAT blog! How I love a good before and after. Thanks for stopping by mine and letting me know about you :)

  3. Great idea! Now have to go visit her….
    Wonder how this will do with dust? Like in Phoenix,AZ where I live?

  4. honestly. that looks smoking hot!! i looove it!! so country yet stylish!! yeah for that brainy idea!!

  5. LOVE IT! And so creative!

  6. LOVE IT! And so creative!

  7. I love it!! I so want to do board and batten in my dining area…wonder if the landlord would mind. :-) Hey…it will be an improvement on the boring no character rental, right??

  8. thanks Linds (can I call ya’ Linds?), You’re hysterical , as usual! -denise

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