You Rock!

This run-of-the-mill old rocker just wasn’t going to cut it. Chelle intended it to be a gift for her niece’s first birthday, and everyone knows your niece deserves only the best. Especially on her first birthday. 

So, she whipped out the pink paint, some paisley fabric so adorable I want to eat it, and delivered a rocker fit for a princess! Check it out on her blog Monkey Loo. Thanks Chelle!

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  1. I loved it!

  2. That is awesome. You just opened a new door for me. I see so many broke up woven old chairs and pass them by because, well let’s face it I can’t weave. Hello recover, awesome. Seriously, Dude Rocks Like A Lady….

  3. Well, that’s just the cutest little rocker I’ve ever seen!

  4. Thanks gals, and a special thanks to Lindsey for the feature. I am very flattered!

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