This redo’ll make ya … jump jump!

Kristen and her husband Chris (who, with their matching names could have totally named their blog, like “Kriss Cross” or something else really wiggity wiggity wack) have chronicled their exploits in renovating on their blog Nails and Thread

One of the first items of business was de-grampa-ifying their living room. The blue carpet had to go, as did those vertical blinds. Look what was hiding behind them! What a great window.

 But the most dramatic improvement came by opening up that back wall into the dining room. SO much better. Thanks for sharing Kristen!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing job! I love the new open modern and pretty room – it doesn’t look like the same house!

    Great job Chris & Kris! Thanks for sharing such stunning makeovers, Lindsey!


  2. Holy crap that looks good!

  3. K, how funny that you make a Kriss Cross joke because your previous post called wicky wicky wicker TOTALLY made me think of wiggity wiggity wack and now look at this! Too funny.

  4. Look amazing! I love it!

  5. I know a pair of Chris’es…was hoping this was them, but no. Really great redo though!

  6. that redo is amazing! the hardwoods and paint color are so chic! Love the Kris Cross song reference – now I’m sure I’ll be saying “wigedy, wigedy wack” to everything today! Also, gonna have to figure out how to work “degrampifying” into my vocabulary. Great post! Happy FRIDAY!

  7. Looks AMAZING! Now…what did they do with the “grandpa” furniture? I wonder how many refurbishing projects she’s gonna have with that stuff? Think of the fun!

  8. I love your blog so much but I loooove your commentary! I totally laughed out loud at my desk when I saw this one!

    Love this redo!

  9. We inherited those exact same grandpa chairs from my sister’s father-in-law’s friend! apparently no one wanted them. hmm
    Neither did we so we sold them
    -to an old man who was REALLY excited that he found them for so cheap :)- I’m glad that they could be reunited with a familiar friend…senility.

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