Tea for You

Time for tea! And time for this shabby tea cart to get a fresh look. One time I went to a “tea room” where all the waitresses were little old ladies in floor length white aprons, pushing around tea carts and scones and I kinda thought that would be the most awesome job. That is because I am a little old lady at heart. It’s true.

 Check it out from Linda at A Vie Renouvele. Thanks Linda!

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  1. I see that and instantly think “double-decker baby stroller”… Maybe I need to make it to more old lady tea houses. But it’s a really nice redo, anyway!

  2. Wow! Nicely done!

  3. Boy would I love to find something like that to redo!

  4. It’s ok, but I think black would have made it sleek and modern.

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