Sweet Sewing Space

What I love most about this redo is how just about anyone could do this. I mean, unless you are missing both thumbs or something, pretty much anyone should be able to find a couple of mismatched pieces of furniture, attack them with paint and their favorite fabrics, and TA-to-the-DA!! A cute, colorful, customized workspace. 
 Check out Kim’s blog What am I going to be when I grow up? for more on this little sewing desk she made for her daughter, including info on her lovely fabric choices. Thanks Kim!

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  1. “ta to the da”. love it! i have been known to rock “wo to the oot.”

  2. eeee! How fun to see my project here! Thanks for sharing it. I don’t think the link works. If anyone’s interested here it is…


    Thanks so much!


  3. That desk redo is so cute! It looks like a custom-made piece of furniture now.

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