Reimagine All The People…

I hereby offer you a challenge, dear readers. This weekend, if you’ve got nothing else going on, why don’t you head to Goodwill or hit some yard sales and find something in desperate need of a makeover? But that’s not all, the challenge is to repurpose it!

Take a cue from Brandi who took a dresser and made a vanity! Or added legs to a squatty 70’s end table and made a nightstand! Ok? OK! Why the heck not?

See more on her blog Brandi Nell the Southern Belle.

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  1. Oh I LOVE that vanity! Well done.

    If you have a moment stop by to see some chairs I found at a “side of the road sale” and their pretty new slips.

  2. YAY! Thank you for featuring our projects! I think the link to our blog is broken, so here it is again:

    Talk soon!

    Brandi Nell

  3. loooove the vanity (maybe in my next house? sigh)

    also, I think it’s been mentioned already, but the link to Brandi’s blog is broken…it’s a great site so please visit her!

  4. That side table is fantastic! there’s about a million of those languishing is basements around the world, just waiting for that makeover!

  5. These are both great makeovers. Usually, I prefer a coat of white paint but I really like the refinished wood dresser here.

    I love the floor tile in Brandi’s bathroom, too.

  6. Those look amazing!


  7. Why oh why did someone push me out of line when the Lord was giving out creative talent??? I would never have thought of this!

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