Rachel’s Red Removal

My first apartment had red kitchen counters just like this before bathroom. Did they add a dash of “whimsy” and “fun” to my kitchen? No. They brought shame. Red counters are just not ok, unless they are installed in a preschool or at the pediatrician’s, or maybe at the front office of the circus.
 Rachel felt the same, and thus took a sledgehammer to the red counters and just about everything else in her old bathroom. In only eight days she had transformed it into the serene and spa-like space it is today. Lots more to see on her cute blog First Home Makeover.

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  1. That before was HORRIBLE. Wanna know something funny, we have the exact same vanity in our bathroom. LOL!

  2. Beautiful!!

  3. Gotta disagree w/you on this one. Nothing, NOTHING is worse than same-ol’, lemming-grade, Stepford-Wife granite countertops. Nothing.

    I want a red countertop in my kitchen. Bathroom? Not so much.

  4. Thanks for interest people! Good or bad- I’ll take it! Love the feedback.


  5. Wow! I am so impressed! It’s like a whole new bathroom. I agree that the red countertop HAD to go. I bet this reno was a lot of work, but it certainly paid off.


  6. We had a red counter in a 1970’s bathroom AND a red sink AND a red tub! yeah…cute….

    She did a great job! Diana

  7. Great Job!!! My daughter(age 19) wants to paint her room red – seeing this will hopefully remove her desire. I think we will paint it a tan & use red accents. It will be much easier to change colors in six months when she tires of red.

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