Knock It Off

I sure do like Jason Mraz. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing, I’m just listening to him now and I love all the wordplay in his songs! He is so clever. I am a nerd, ya’ll. The way to my heart is … wordplay. 
 This redo has wormed its way into my heart as well, because I can’t resist a cheap knockoff. Not that this light fixture looks in any way cheap, though. I think it looks amazing. Amanda from The Hand Me Down House was inspired by a $269 Pottery Barn lookalike, but managed to make this great version for $29.34!!! Help me out math people, that’s like {a big percentage} less.
 I said I was nerdy, I never said I was mathy.

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  1. “I can’t do the long division, someone do the math.”

    Sorry….couldn’t resist…

  2. that is seriously cool!!

  3. Wow! So simple and classy. I love this idea.

  4. Very nice remake! Love it!

  5. Whoda thunk it? Diana

  6. I saw Jason Mraz last year. Homeboy knows how to put on a good show.

  7. All I gotta say about this redo is…nuh uh, no way, don’t believe it no how.

  8. Cool!

  9. I am a word sucker too. Jason Mraz is my idea of a perfect man.

  10. Thanks so much, Lindsay! 🙂 I’m so flattered you posted this!! HUGS!

  11. Holy Cow!!! That is incredible! Way to go Amanda! Thanks for posting Lindsay!

  12. Now this light is, pardon the pun, brilliant!

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