Destroying the Dungeon

Friends, your kitchen should not feel like a dungeon. It should feel happy and vibrant, and if it doesn’t well, whip out some green paint (or any happy color of your choice) and make it so!

That’s how Better After reader Virginia brightened up this kitchen. She also opened it up by ripping out those cabinets overhanging the island … well, it’s not really an island, more like a peninsula … counter thing .. you get what I’m saying. Great job Virginia!

Random side note that has nothing to do with anything… My husband can NOT say the word Virginia. It always comes out like “Fffurrrginia.” Isn’t that funny? I think it is!

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  1. What a difference and I love that she painted her cabinets that pretty green!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  2. Great job!

    And if this post (and others like it) doesn’t prove that anyone with those horrible cabinets hanging over the peninsula ought to rip those suckers out (screw the storage needs … get rid of some stuff or find somewhere else to stick it), then nothing will.

  3. You rocked it, Virginia!

  4. That is a night and day difference! Love it!

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