Chantelle Nicole

Chantelle Nicole

A little birdie told me about a sweet new sponsor, Chantelle Nicole Designs!

Chantelle creates truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind, customizable pieces that are perfect for everyday or special occasions. Because everyday IS a special occasion, right?

Her hand-stamped jewelry can commemorate any meaningful moment, whether it’s your anniversary date or just a day at the beach.

Chantelle Nicole Designs
caters to the woman who wears her heart on her sleeve.

or wrist, or around her neck, or even on her finger!


Yo, she drew the frames for these stamps herself! No istockphoto stuff here!

Check out her Melancholy Finch collection for some uniquely vintage pieces like this lovely locket.

How cute is this little nest with freshwater pearl “eggs?” An adorable, subtle tribute to motherhood without screaming MOMMY!!!
Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas presents? I say no!

And I love the “lucky penny” ring. Chantelle will even customize the year!

And, like that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she and her husband recently bought a 100 year old home and started a blog chronicling their renovation process. That is right up my alley, and yours too! See it here: Three11.Main


 Click the button above to hop on over and check out Chantelle Nicole Designs!

Or I guess you could just click the link I put at the end of that sentence too. Sometimes I just like to link stuff, you know how it is.


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