Beth’s Blue Beauty

Before: A vanity that no one could love. Well, maybe a hoarder. Or a blind person who needed the storage. But besides that, no one.

After: A ‘blue ocean breeze’ beauty. Beth from Sawdust and Embryos knew this former hunk o junk had potential, and she deserves an award for being able to judge that from this original before photo from Craigslist.

{Rambling side note: WHY oh WHY do people post such crappy pictures on Craigslist? Is the technology that baffling? Do they figure that a blurry picture taken from 80 feet away on a rainy day with their kid’s Fisher Price Digi-Cam, uploaded to the size of half a postage stamp is really going to entice buyers? Is it that hard to kick the mounds of crap and clutter out of the background or dust at off at least the top layer of dust before taking the picture? I’ll never understand. But hey, I guess low expectations mean low prices, right?}

Anyways, it’s just gorgeous now. I love all the little scroll-y details. Thanks Beth!

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  1. Oh MY! Oh My!! That couple is SOoooo talented… she has such vision. Love this one!!!

  2. Beautiful transformation!!

    I had a dresser on the plan of this one when I was growing up.. I loved it back then, and still do! Oh gosh, I sure would love to have it now and have it refinished like this one!


  3. Jaw dropping!

  4. unbelievable! LOVE this one!

  5. love love it!!

  6. That is STUNNING!

  7. THis turned out so beautiful. I went straight to her blog to tell her so.

  8. Ooooh, I LOVE this one!

  9. absolutely marvellous! i love your “afters”. i look for the secret beauty of the old furniture i find in the street. i find really treasures (i´m spanish, sorry for my english)i follow just right now and forever!thanks for your talent.

  10. That is one beautiful piece!

  11. LOL I agree with your crappy pictures on craigslist. I had a favorite tho it was a picture of a cat but the picture had no cat it was a living room picture. Beautiful dresser!

  12. WOW!!

  13. Wow! I love this dresser! I would love to do one just like that..
    Just beautiful!
    Thanks for posting this

  14. Genius … absolutely genius! This is my first time finding your site and WOW … I AM IN LOVE! 🙂 Definitely a blog I’ll be visiting on a regular basis! 🙂

  15. This is absolutely stunning….love it!!!

  16. STUNNING !!!!

  17. beautiful love the color and the carving on the dresser.very romantic look to it.

  18. I actually caught my breath when I saw this, then shed a tear of envy and awe. Maybe two tears.

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