Yay, I Want It!

Maria wanted a new look in her bedroom. However, she knew she needed to get creative, because new furniture wasn’t in the budget. But heck, the furniture she had was already super sexy! I’d give my left arm for that bed alone! Well, maybe not my left arm, as I am left-handed. 
 But seriously, it’s hot. It looks amazing in white, and just jumps off the wall. Check it out on her blog Yay, I Made It! which might be my most favorite name of a blog yet. Thanks Maria!

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  1. I love how the headbaord appears to have a heart on it. Great feature for the bed in the master bedroom.

  2. That is a gorgeous makeover! What I love about it is that it is so do-able, so down to earth, and just all around fabulous. Must go check out her blog now!

  3. Love that bed! Isn’t it amazing what a coat of white paint can do????


  5. Thank you SO MUCH for the feature. Isn’t this blog awesome? I love before and afters. Thanks for all of your kind comments too!

    Would you believe we picked up the headboard for $5? Sometimes I get jealous of all the cool things people find but this time I was the one who got lucky. So, don’t give up!

  6. I really like this!!!

  7. I love the white! It makes it look so much more sophisticated and clean. 🙂

  8. Daily I am at your blog for inspiration… I have been wanting to make silhouettes for a long time and now thanks to this post and her post, and her friends post i’m going to… tomorrow. (always tomorrow) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Yes, sooo much better!

    If I might add…
    lefties do rule!


  10. I like the trio of artwork above your bed! Simple and focal!

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