Ugly Lamp Contest, Final Round!!!

Thank you all so much for your votes in the Ugly Lamp Contest! We have narrowed down the field to the top six. 
 The winner in this round receives a $70 gift certificate to! (Not to be pushy, but I might spend that $$ on a new lamp). 
 Please cast your vote for your favorite (or least favorite) at the poll over on the right. 
 Here’s a look at the final contenders:

#5 – cowboy face
Cowboy face dominated his bracket and looks like he went on a bender to celebrate.

#7 – hypno swirl

Hypno swirl was a close second in the first bracket, although I personally don’t think it’s ugly at all. Oh wait, that’s because I had my eyes closed.

#12 – stately saguaro
Stately saguaro managed a respectable second place victory in the second bracket, up against a crowd favorite…

#15 – alien matador
Not much more can be said about the wonder and glory of alien matador, and I can’t look any longer for fear of my eyes falling out.

#16 – knight and dragon

This brave knight and his courageous steed did battle against a ferocious dragon and the competition, breezing through the competition in the third bracket.

#20 – mason jar
It was a race for second place for creepy mason jar, who squeaked out a victory over the brokeback cowboys from bracket three.

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  1. Alien transgendered matador all the way.

  2. Ditto. There’s nothing you can do to better that lamp except throw it out. The other ones, I could see possibilities… lol

  3. My boys would love that knight/dragon number – if it didn’t give them nightmares. I’m voting for the large cactus arrangement – simply because it’s so enormous that its ugliness cannot be missed. Though the cowboy face comes a close second.

  4. I’m in awe that the alien lamp would still be in a home. My geeklettes at least love their lamp.

  5. This is a really hard decision b/c all those lamps are UGLY!!!!!

    This has been a fun contest to watch!

  6. HAHAHAHAHA–hehehehe-HAHAHA!!!
    This lamp parade has been so hilarious!!! Are you going to try something else in the near future, say ugly tablecloths or teapots? Toooo funny!!!!
    Thanks for sharing! 😀

  7. Mr. and Mrs. Alien Matador (yes, two exist. I’ll have to take pics lol) belonged to my grandmother and since her passing we just haven’t had the heart to get rid of them.. yet. They’re great conversation starters! Even though that conversation is usually ‘We’re not keeping those awful lamps, right?’

  8. Congrats to the Alien Matador – the fate of Hypno-Swirl has yet to be determined, but it was a delight to participate in the contest!

  9. I’ve loved the Ugly Lamp Contest . . . but I was so sad to see #20, the mason jar full of dead weeds. I recently just redid a mason jar lamp and was so proud of myself! It’s filled with wine corks – not weeds. Does that help? Give me your advice, it’s here:

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