Stylin Stain

Is today opposite day? Is the universe playing a trick on me? Because someone redid their kitchen, and they didn’t do it in white! I know, I know. Pick yourself up off the floor.
 That someone in particular is Rachel from Redpunzel, who like most, was tired and a half of her “foak” kitchen cabinets. Unlike most redos I’ve seen recently, however, she went with stain over paint, and made those cabinets deep, dark and dramatic. I likes it! Check out her blog for more. Thanks Rachel!

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  1. Very nice, I love the new stain color.

  2. White cabinets and small children with jam hands will drive you batty! I don’t care what the trend is! I value my sanity! (and my love for my dark walnut cabinets knows no bounds)

  3. Nice! Let’s bring back the dark kitchen 🙂

  4. This is lovely. Dark walnut cabinets look nice in a big kitchen like this. In a smaller kitchen, it would look like a dungeon.

  5. I like that you kept the same cabinets but changed them to suit your style. Very nicely done. Now the only thing that’s missing is a black fridge too match. Too bad those things are so expensive! Thank you for sharing.

  6. It’s very dark for my personal tastes, but I admit that the new stain highlights the counters. Before, they blended with the light wood and were ho-hum. If you add some under-cabinet lighting, it will REALLY make the kitchen pop!

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