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Crackle paint! Hunter green! Stevie’s dining set was definitely showing it’s age. Don’t you worry, it’s nothing a good coat of white can’t handle.
 It’s a well known fact that white paint can fix anything. White paint should be a U.N. Ambassador. White paint can fix your credit. BP should have called white paint first. 
 Check it out all the details on Stevie’s blog, Domestic Diva Stevie.

And check out this cute table redo she did too!

White Paint for president!
Crystal knobs for vice president!
See it HERE.

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  1. I love that table!
    Agreed! White can fix almost anything!!

  2. LOVE your blog, love the before & afters… LOVE, LOVE your humor…
    “BP should have called white paint first” Now that is funny 🙂

  3. You are too funny! Love the white paint.

  4. Nice job on the TWO projects!!
    Best regards,

  5. I love this blog! It is always a must read for me! I enjoy seeing all of the before and afters and getting some great inspiration. Just about every piece of furniture I have is oak, I’m sick of oak so I’m slowly becoming brave enough to come over to the white side.

  6. HAAAA BP and white paint best comment ever!

  7. Love the things I find on your blog! The table and chairs are very nice and I LOVE that little commode. Perfect! Diana

  8. I agree, white paint CAN fix anything.

  9. Stevie is one of the best bloggers out there! You should all follow her <3

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