Ode to Paint

I just spent the last half hour trying to write a poem about white paint, and how dearly I love it. I will spare you, but please know that I used the words ain’t, complaint and saint. How about a simple haiku instead:
Freed from cheesy oak,
builder grade cabs go bye-bye,
magic in a can.
 I think we should all write a haiku! Leave your own haiku in the comments, and my favorite one will win a prize! I’m serious! I don’t know what the prize is yet, but there will be one, I promise. 
 Check out this kitchen on Jessica’s blog Running with Scissors, where she gives the full run-down on how to paint your cabinets.

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  1. love your haiku. mine’s specifically about white paint in the kitchen, ok? ahem.

    white kitchens: so in.
    watch out when you cook pasta-
    tomato sauce stains.

    ok, i don’t really know if it DOES stain, but i thought it was funny!

  2. so many projects.
    need more time, energy, cash.
    or just close my eyes.

    cleaning all carpets and painting a ton this week, along with parenting two small boys, has left me pooped!

  3. Hey Mary, can I use your Haiku too? *lol*

    All these painted cabinets are slowly convincing me I should do mine too. *Noooo!* 🙂

  4. Before and After, I love you so.
    The builder grade cabinets had to go.

    Just take off the knobs and start painting
    Then write about it on a blog while waiting.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Paint, fabric and fun
    Get ideas here all the time!
    Love Better After!

  7. Oak beware, white paint
    Snazzy, Jazzy, bright, and bold
    Bye, bye, boring oak

  8. Crying out for change.
    Always Better After paint.
    With white comes new life.

    Lord I could write a novel on the wonders of white paint…but I guess a haiku will do for now!

  9. Dark boring kitchens you better beware Ihave a new friend called white paint and I am ready and have no fear

    I will scrub you and paint you if it takes me all night
    then I will post you on Better After as new clean and bright

  10. Little old dresser
    In a boring baby room,
    I have not forgot.

  11. Ahem….

    From dirty to clean,
    Making dingy become pure,
    White paint is heav’n sent!

  12. Sometimes things are just outdated,

    other times you wonder why they were ever created.

    Hardware stores complete me.

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