Nokando This Sunroom

Nodakademic had a sunroom, or as it could more accurately be described, a “hustle people through here and hope they wont look down. Or up. Or side to side” room. Not only was the room a barf-inducing color, it was so poorly slapped on, the previous owners must have been both drunk and blindfolded when they painted it. 
 Check out what she did with a few (or many) hours of manual labor and a budget of only $210! Aaahmazing. I really love that soothing color she chose. See more on her blog HERE.

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  1. Oh wow the colors are just gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful!!!

  3. I actually liked the before color, it was festive, but the after is so soothing and relaxing, perfect for a sunroom.

  4. Nice makeover!

  5. I love the new shade on the wall. The whole feel of the room has changed. I could be happy there!

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