Merri’s Mirror

Whoever built our home either ran out of imagination or paint by they time they got to my bathroom, because the walls in there are covered in GIGANTIC mirrors. No joke, they take up both walls, end to end. It’s a bit disconcerting when stumbling to the bathroom at night and seeing three versions of yourself stumbling back at you. 
 I don’t really know what to do about this mirror situation, but I’ve always wanted to at least dress them up a bit. Got it/flaunt it I guess. I’ve seen the Mirror Mate products being featured around blog land (Mirror Mate people, CALL ME!) and that’s kind of the idea I’ve been wanting to try. 
Merri from Day Dreaming and Decorating had the same idea and took miters into her own hands (ha! hardware pun!) and fashioned some mirror frames out of simple trim herself. I love the look, it’s so much more finished than the plain jane builder mirrors. I might just give it a try myself!

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  1. Thanks! Linsey I dont know if I read your blog for the posts or your commentary before each post. You are so freakin funny.

  2. Hello! I am over here visiting from Day Dreaming and Decorating. It was nice of you to feature Merri! Yes, she did a great job!
    Best regards,

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