Kitschy Kitschy

This dresser you’re about to see had a little southwestern flava going on. This particular “style” is not really my cup of tea. It can be done well, sure, but most of the time it leans heavily on the kitschy side. I’ve seen way to many things like this:

and this:

to be much of a fan.

(PS: If you have that clock … head … thing hanging on your wall, I sincerely apologize). 
 (To the cow).
 Anyhoodle, Maggie from Sweetwater Baby felt the same way. Her southwestern dresser wasn’t a flagrant style offender — I mean, it wasn’t pastel pink with dreamcatchers dangling from it, but still had the tell-tale zig-zags on the hardware and around the bottom.

So she sawed those right off, edged it with trim, replaced the knobs, painted the whole darn thing and now has a classic, kitsch-free dresser to show for it. Looks amazing!

and here’s a glimpse of the only kitsch that’s ok in my book:


Taylor Kitsch, aka, TIM RIGGINS!


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  1. You are to funny. I think I do come here everyday for the GREAT sense of humor more than the redos.

  2. Southwest style must have been invented by onery cowboys as a massive joke on ignorant dudes.

  3. I love it! The dresser looks amazing in white!!

  4. Actually, I think that southwest style was a horrible joke somebody played on those of us who live here, (I can’t stand it). Fortunately, we have friends like you to show us how to get away from it. Lurving the dresser!

  5. Wow it turned out great! Its like night and day!

  6. Great makeover. A lot of that furniture is nice sturdy all wood. Good to see what it can be madeinto.

  7. I just laughed out loud!!
    (still laughing… 🙂
    you are the best….
    Oh, the dresser is great too….

  8. yummy on both counts!

  9. Those first two pictures….somebody was on “something” when they created those!!! Lovely dresser redo, and that last cutie…oh my!

  10. Dang, my saguaro tree light would have gone great with this dresser!


  11. Sometimes, all a great piece needs is a good coat of white paint. Very clean and nice.

    A cow skull hanging in the parlor? How cheerful!

  12. I just finished watching an old episode of FNL before perusing your blog. One last glimpse of that Taylor eye candy is just what I needed before closing my eyes to sleep.

  13. Okay this is one of your funniest posts to date. “To the cow” and the Kitsch that is acceptable – I’m laughing out loud. And enjoying the eye candy! Awesome redo- can’t believe thats the same dresser!

  14. First and foremost, I love the idea around this blog. I adore a good before and after picture and the ideas are always so fun. BUT, what makes it really amazing is your quirky comments beforehand. I ALWAYS read how you describe it, and it never fails to tickle my funny bone. Keep ’em coming!

  15. You’re hilarious, you should be a writer, I’ll join your fan club.

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