Erin discovered this diamond in the rough, or actually, dresser on the curb (for fuh-ree!) on trash day. Someone who was too lazy to try and repair the water damage and craptacular paint color tossed this solid wood, dove-tail construction piece to the curb. They did, I note, try to polish that one knob, so I guess they aren’t total bums.
 Erin (NOT a bum, even though she will dig through the neighbors trash) took it home, fixed up the water damaged sides with some beadboard, gave it a fresh coat of paint (mistint, great find!) and has a beautiful new dresser to show for it. More pics on her blog Decor Allure. Thanks Erin!

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  1. this is beautiful. wish i had roads that produced free furniture!

  2. Dang, why don’t my neighbors throw solid-wood furniture to the curb? *Sigh*

    Beautiful. Wouldn’t it look great with a mirror placed on top of it or above it?

  3. Ditto…all that seems to get tossed or donated is fake wood.

  4. I’m with the others when it comes to solid wood pieces. The only thing I ever see is junk.

  5. She did a great job! I would have loved to see the beadboard sides too. Diana

  6. This was a great find! It turned out so pretty. Thanks Lindsey for continuing to inspire the rest of us. I can’t wait for the kids to go back to school so I can start projects again!

  7. Wow!! I’m finished with my $7.50 yard sale dresser! Just can’t find my camera to send you a pic! This one is adorable! Good job!

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