Bong Long Gone

Oh snap, yo. Remember this tantalizing entrant in the Ugly Lamp Contest? The one I alluded to looking like a recycled bunch o’ bongs? (Apparently I didn’t allude well enough, because no one picked up on that, at least no one I talked to. I guess my mom and husband are too innocent. Or not innocent enough. “Real bongs don’t look a thing like that, dear!” ((disclaimer: My mom didn’t really say that)) 
Well, Gaby classed up her vices and took down the bongdelier and instead made a chandelier out of wine glasses! Check out the how-to here: After the Before but Before the After.

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  1. Lindsey you are too funny. In my day you could have made a bong out of this. LOL

  2. The real question is how much bong-ing went down with the “discarded” bulb covers of yore. 🙂

  3. That’s a lot of bong for your buck.

  4. I want that.

  5. Does anyone remember that old Facts of Life where Tootie & Natalie bought bongs at the record store?

  6. Very Cute and Inventive. Love it!

  7. Thanks for featuring me!

    And no bongs were harmed (or used, lol) during the making of this chandelier.

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