Zài Jiàn!

Did you know that the word ‘futon’ translates into ‘unwanted guest’ in Chinese? Ok, so that might not be entirely true. However, this room was decidedly unwelcoming to guests. And small children. And people afraid of red. So Kristen decided to take it back from really red man-cave w/ futon status and upgrade it to bonafide guestroom. Looks cozy! Check out more on her blog, Team Fuest.

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  1. From scary to welcoming. I love the color red, but red walls don’t always work in a room where people want to sleep.

  2. That’s a lovely creamy yellow on the walls. Much better!!!

    🙂 Laura

  3. My jaw honestly dropped. SO much better!

  4. From nightmare to a peaceful dream. Well done.


  5. This is one of those dramatic transformations that continues to inspire! Love it.

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