Marilyn had two outdoor swings on her hands, neither of which were in any shape to be swung upon. In a strange feat of physics, the fabric of the first swing was simultaneously dry-rotted and moldy. The second swing should really have been called a sit, because, in its chain-free condition, that’s all it had been doing for years and years. 
 So she combined the two, dressed them up in a fresh coat of paint, and made one lovely, mold free, honest to goodness swing. And swing she does! (Not like that, pervs!)

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  1. I love your commentary on this one! Very cute and funny!

  2. I want one. In white. Or red. Or yellow.


  3. Oh my gosh it looks awesome!

  4. Wow, genius idea! Love it! Almost makes me wish I had some broken swings lying around.

  5. Now this is repurposing and recycling at it’s finest!

  6. Looks great, sister! No wondering if a disease can be caught from it anymore. Can’t wait to come swing on it. xoxo.

  7. That is one of the most brilliant things I have seen!

  8. Looks great!

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