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I’m probably late to the party here, because this redo has proved pretty popular around bloglandia. In fact, when I checked it out on Sausha’s blog Show and Tell, it had already received 101 comments!
But does that mean we can’t marvel at it again? Of course not! So please do enjoy Sausha’s laundry room redo, and take time to appreciate that girlfriend built those washing machine pedestals all by herself! With power tools and everything. Looks amazing!

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  1. A chandy in the laundry room…not something you see every day! But very pretty.

  2. oh…my…..gosh…..that’s the best looking laundry room i’ve ever seen.

  3. This is the laundry room that my laundry room dreams about at night. Love it!

  4. Love the washer and dryer lift! great idea.

  5. Oh my gosh, how cute! Smart girl!!
    Carol in GA

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