Japan Pad

Some of my very favorite redos are the ones that cost next to nothing. You don’t always need to hire a contractor or buy a bumload of new furniture to make a dramatic improvement, knowwhatImean? 
 Kate is living on a military base in Japan. She can’t make any huge changes to her home, or she runs the risk of being dishonorably discharged (not really), but she did want to spruce things up. Even just adding a few colorful accessories can make all the difference. And I love the way she defined her dining room space with curtains, I would call that “making it work!” Thanks Kate! See more on her blog Sometimes Life is Messy.

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  1. The blue placemats really drew my eye in. What a pretty shade.

  2. I love everything about your blog

  3. Thank you for featuring me!

  4. Kate – I love the chair top covers in the dining room!

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