Laura’s Buggy Bathroom

What the heck. Who decided this bathroom floor needed four different colors of tile? Five, if you count that lone black tile, oddly floating there in the middle. And what’s with the “pattern?” I keep staring at it, hoping it will all fall into place and make sense, but no. Nope. Not happening. Whoever these previous owners were, I bet they were fun people at least, if not a little crazy. 
 I have to say I much prefer the simplicity of the black and white scheme in the new bathroom, even though staring at the floor is no longer an entertaining pastime. Check it out from LAURA at Studio Orange! (I featured her living room earlier and used the wrong name! Shame on me! Sorry Laura!)

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  1. Wow! It looks much better!

  2. Love the new look!!

  3. Wow, what the heck were they thinking with that floor? Reminds me of my kitchen countertop – maroon edging, yellow counter, light green backsplash. Yeah, it’s pretty. Pretty ugly.

  4. That is a great improvement!

  5. Wow!! Big difference and I love it!!

  6. The tile on the old floor looks like some kind of Tetris game!

  7. That looks so pretty now!! Those were some crazy colored tiles!

  8. It looks much better but what does she contemplate on now…How many black tiles?

  9. Love the new look. Much better!
    Stick a magazine rack in there! 😀

  10. That looks SO much better!

  11. Sooo much better!

    Maybe the previous owners had little boys and the black tile was the spot where they had to stand to aim properly???

  13. wow, and I think my bathroom is bad! (The after is lovely though)

  14. Love that “After” tile — so simple and classic!

  15. I think the black tile (in the before) is for the boys learning how to potty train. Ok! Stand here and point there. lmao!

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