Yin Yang

Two similar desks, both done wrong, horribly wrong by their previous owners. 
 The first, a lovely little desk found at a consignment store. Hidden beneath that coat of petrified pea soup was a whole lot of potential. A fresh redress in lemon yellow made her beautiful again! From CMK at Just Try It!

And here’s the other…

Hidden under layers and layers of paint in the shade of wrong was a lovely wood grain just waiting to be revealed. Brittany from Grey is the New Black scraped away years of bad choices and refinished this desk in a classy ebony stain. Check out her blog for even better pictures!

So what’s your pleasure? Fresh and sunny or dark and dignified? Either way, I think they both look about eleventy times better than before. Thank you ladies!

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  1. They’re both beautiful but the “Fresh and Sunny” one takes the cake for me! Gorgeous!

  2. It’s amazing what the right color on a piece of furniture will do for it. Love them both.

  3. They are both very fun.. but I myself prefer the Lemon-yellow! Beautiful piece!!

  4. I like them both – for different reasons.

  5. Gorgeous! LOve the yellow. Why cant I find furniture like that?!

  6. I am lovin the lemon one. Its so pretty!

  7. love love LOVE the cream one with gem knobs!

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