What is it?

There’s more to this redo than meets the eye. Or nose!
 Lisa from Recaptured Charm did more than give this dresser a makeover, although it’s a great makeover and could stand alone on that. She gave it a job, and its job is not to just sit there and look pretty. Click HERE to find out what it is! 
 Unimportant side note: I can’t stop looking at that thing on the top of the before dresser. It looks a lizard that got ran over. Or a green chili. That also got ran over.

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  1. Very cool! I particularly like the handles.

  2. I couldn’t stop looking at that lizard thing, either!


  3. The lizard thing is the missing handle from the drawer on top. Love the purpose of the cabinet though!

  4. Well, I’ll be darned, it is!

  5. BINGO Cynthia, thats exactly what it is.. the broken tin handle..lol

    Thanks Lindsey for posting it!

    Don’t forget to go see what this cabinet actually turned into !

    Thanks again

  6. WOW!

  7. Lisa is one of the cleverest peeps I’ve seen in weeks. This is one awesome project!

  8. how cool was that makeover!

  9. Oh my heck this is the cutest make-over! I love it!

  10. that is a great makeover! Just wanted to let you know that I am featuring your blog today on my “Featured Followers Friday”

  11. i love when i see the before picture and get totally surprised by the after picture.

    this is really nice!! love it!

  12. love it – so clever and so pretty! 🙂

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