Sayonara Southwestern Style!

Sayonara Southwestern Style!
Oh, southwestern style, you used to be so popular! Your geometric cutouts, your pastel pinks, your bleachy wood, your ceramic wolves wearing tiny bandanas and howling at the moon… can you ever be chic again? (Were you ever chic to begin with?) 
 Can’t say I was ever a fan of that dated look, and I don’t think it will be coming back anytime soon. That’s good news for all of us, especially Rachelle, who took on the task of incorporating this armoire out of the early 90’s and into relevancy. I love the result, great idea using beadboard to disguise those dead giveaway panels in the doors.
 Check out more on her blog She’s Crafty!


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  1. May 6, 2010 / 8:37 PM

    WAY better after. The beadboard was a great idea! I won’t tell my Mom what you said about Southwestern style or she might cry in her mandela.

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