Pam’s Pretties

Here are two delightful little works of art from Pam over at Be Colorful. BE COLORFUL! It’s almost like a command! Pam will accept nothing less than cheerful, colorful fun, so all you boring pieces of furniture had better recognize! 
 Love the first one, but if the harlequin, checkerboard, leopard skin, trellis weave, fleur de lis, and floral is too much to handle for you, then check out the simple (yet fun!) aqua and white number directly underneath. See it HERE
 Thanks Pam, I love your work!

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  1. As my sons say “Go big or go home!” That dresser is fabulous!!

  2. Wow, Pam is gutsy! I love it!

  3. Definately colourful – love it! The second one is adorable.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my work. I saw your post in reader and i lamely thought “Oh, someone else named Pam also does painted stuff”. They are definitely two different looks. The second one did not sell. It seems like everyone tells me they love aqua but apparently not enough to buy it. So sad. I may try Craig’s List.

  5. Definately colourful for sure, but I like the second one the best.

  6. What talent the bright colorful dresser reminds me of Mary Englebreit…me I guess I am a super wimp but I like the pastels.
    Your site is cool, stop in and say hi if you get a chance , i am having a giveaway.

  7. Pam is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am inspired! Maybe not as bold but at least to do some multiple colors!!! Beautiful work!

  9. Love the blue and white one. It looks so fresh.

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