A New Old Bathroom

You would think if your house was 90 years old, there would be some age appropriate decor going on. A cast iron tub or some classic light fixtures. Not pink and brown tile halfway up the wall. It’s like seeing a grandma in a mini-skirt and fake eyelashes, wrong, all wrong! 
 Happily, Arlene had a plan to bring her bathroom back to its roots. She found salvaged pieces true to the time period of the home and thrifted just about everything else. I love how the new flooring looks like it could have been there all along. Thanks Arlene!

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  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that tub!

  2. Very nice! Now excuse me while I poke that vision of Grandma in a mini skirt out of my mind’s eye.

  3. I want this bathroom !

  4. Will she rent the tub by the hour?

  5. I had started to read your post and had to walk away to pour a cup of coffee when my husband walks into the room and shrieks at the laptop “AAGGH?!?!” I came running back and it was the first picture on the screen, HA HA. I assured him it was a BEFORE picture 🙂
    I love love love how she made it look original!
    We are in the middle of a big remodel on our masterbath. I will try to send you some pics when it’s done.

  6. GORGEOUS!! Love it.

    I thought pink & black tiles were bad, but pink & brown is a whole new level of ugliness!

  7. I am with Loraine! I would love to soak in that tub for awhile! A long while!

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