Kristen’s Kitchen

Poor Kristen had a tiny kitchen with zero storage. Plus her dog’s cage was hogging up half of what little space there was. Finally she’d had enough, kicked the dog to the curb (ok, not really) and paid a visit to my lover, IKEA
 She decided cabinets would take up too much room, so she and her husband devised a solution: a bookshelf! But with extra legs to make it counter height! Genius! Added some drawer and shelf inserts and created some bona fide kitchen storage, nary a dog toy in sight. Check it out on her blog Team Fuest. Thanks Kristen!

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  1. Looks great! The color of the walls looks better too!

    The Appraiser’s Wife

  2. Way to go Kristen!

  3. Thanks for featuring our kitchen! We are continually inspired by your blog and all the creative people that share their better afters!

  4. Sorry puppy’s crate was banished, but this looks great!

  5. Love coming over to your sight and looking at all the talent!!
    Take care!

  6. Great job and I’m glad she put the puppy out of the food prep area. Beautiful space.

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