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I know I whine all the time about not having a “craft room,” and yet, not five feet from where I’m sitting there is an empty little nook in the wall. A little nook just about the same size as the one Stephanie here made over into a super cute craftin‘ space. I’ve eyeballed it about 9 times as I’ve been writing this. Type type, gaze. Type, type, squint. Type, type, imagine cute desk over there. 
 Hers is a tad deeper than mine, but I guess I don’t really do much “crafting” in reality anyway, so how much room do I think I need?! I love the punchy colors she used, everything is tied together so nicely. See more on her blog You Paid More Than Me.

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  1. What an adorable space!

  2. I just love the word “nook”. I should have named a kid that.

  3. My first craft space was a closet. A CLOSET! It was in the hall way of our tiny, old house and I put in a shelf that acted as a desk (30″ high) and a higher shelf to put some supplies. A file cabinet under my desk height shelf to store my papers and I used it EVER DAY! I just tucked my stool under the desk and closed the curtain at night. Now I have a nice sized room committed to my crafty whims and I love it. But my “craft closet” will always hav a special place in my heart!

    In short – CONVERT YOUR NOOK, Miss Lindsey 😉 It will be with every effort you put into it!

    ***This is a message from the craft/art obssessed***

  4. What a great craft nook! I am so jealous of bloggers/designers that post their beautiful craft rooms. I’m searching my house now for a little nook that I could recreate this look in:)

  5. Kind of reminds me of how I used our “TV nook” for our comuputer center. (I’m always ready to rececorate after looking at all the great ideas you show us!) XO

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