Ashley had a lovely kitchen, nice granite, great cabinets, but wait a sec … look closer … closer …is that a backsplash made with pink bathroom tile? What the? Who the? Huh?
 Finally feeling fed up with the pasty pink problem, she devised a quick and easy solution. After a trip to the dollar store, a little effort and even less money, she added tons of pop to her kitchen. 
 I think it adds so much personality and whoulda thunk that the colors in a dollar store placemat would coordinate so much better than the “professionally” laid tile that was there in the first place? Builders, I swear! 
 More to see on her blog Ashley’s Rowhome.

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  1. Nice trick! Who is their right mind would choose pink tiles for a kitchen?

  2. So cute! It adds just the right amount of pop to the kitchen. Love it! And ew.. pink tiles in the kitchen. :/

  3. This looks great! Love the circles.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. The circles look great! Love it!

  5. Because I am a walking IKEA catalogue… I’m pretty sure that she’s used the ‘LJUDA’ placemats you can get from IKEA for only $1.99!!! That’s Australian, so they’re probably even cheaper in the US. Craaaazy!

  6. That is so ingenious and so incredibly cute!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure she used Ikea placements as well.

    Here is the link.

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