A Case For Curtains

What is a girl to do when she has big, bare windows and a small budget? Make window treatments using pillowcases! Easy as pie. Actually, easier than pie, because I’ve made pie before and it is an arduous, messy ordeal. Unless you get a microwave pie, but seriously, gross, and even then I bet you could shimmy some shams up on a curtain rod in the time it takes to microwave that pie, so I rest my case. Whatever my case was. Pillowcase! I need a nap. 
 Thanks to Lauren from Penoche Design!

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  1. You make me giggle. And those are cute.

  2. I really love the pattern on those pillow cases.

    What a great and easy fix!

    🙂 Laura

  3. Hee hee your’re funny! Brilliant idea.

  4. Love those! Where did you get the pillowcases? Exactly the pattern I’m looking for. Thanks!

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