I’m currently having an argument with my brother about painted brick. He just doesn’t like it. What?! Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! (picture me saying that in the Jon Bovi voice from SNL. Have you seen that skit? Oh, it’s my favorite). 
 Anyway, WHAT? Sure there is a time and place for natural brick, but that place is not smack dab in the middle of an otherwise harmonious living room. It just looks angry, like it’s glaring at me! Go away angry wall of brick! 
 Ashley from Decorating Obsessed made the madness disappear, and I think it looks great, and my brother would probably admit it too, if he wasn’t so stubborn.

(PS: I’m right Nate!)

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  1. It makes it light and fresh!

  2. Have to agree with your sis, Nate! Painted is better. Not so dark and heavy. Sorry. ( =

  3. It looks sooooo much better painted. What is about brick and oak that seems to make men so aversive to paint?????


  4. Gasp! I Love this!

  5. Looks great, and you don’t have to limit yourself to white paint. A client of mine recently painted theirs a nice brown and looks stellar! Janell

  6. Looks great, and you don’t have to limit yourself to white paint. A client of mine recently painted theirs a nice brown and looks stellar! Janell

  7. Looks great, and you don’t have to limit yourself to white paint. A client of mine recently painted theirs a nice brown and looks stellar! Janell

  8. We were inspired by Decorating Obsessed to and did ours as well: Check it out – way better!

  9. Yes, this definitely proves your brother wrong 😉 I think this after looks amazing!

  10. My parents rented out their house. They had the bricks painted white. When the renters moved out, we discovered that they had painted the bricks…to look like bricks! Totally tacky and rediculous! 🙂

  11. Amy’s comment is awesome that the tenants painted the brick to look like brick!

    I must vote with your brother, I hate painted brick. I think it’s wrong to do, no likey, whenever I see painted brick I immediately think that’s brick that’s painted. Sorry, 1pt for the other side.

  12. Night and day difference!! It looks awesome painted. Now, there is some exposed brick that I think looks terrific, but this fp was not one of them.

  13. Wow…the colors pop with the white background. Much better.

  14. What a difference that makes! A vast improvement, indeed.

  15. I am a little torn. I like the look of the all white bricks, but I also like the character of the “before” fireplace. I will say that my fireplace looks alot like the before, but it makes me wonder if I should paint mine.

  16. Did the same thing to mine years ago and have never regretted it!

  17. of course when pairing red brick with bright green and true red it’s going to look awful. We have a brick hearth even bigger than this one that I could never imagine painting. The bricks are from a historic building in my town, now torn down. it looks fine with the earthy tones in our living room. Another point for the brother.


  19. I agree with Paula. This fireplace in an earth-toned living space would have been one to envy, but in this space? I agree that painting it was definitely the way to go. Much lighter! Very pretty result! My fireplace? Had to go, too, but for different reasons – ours was not a pretty brick AT ALL. I like white, but I really love it when it’s painted the same as the wall color, which is what we did.

  20. Definitely 5 stars and a thumbs up!!

  21. Dave and I have had this argument a thousand times…. drives me nuts! I would love to paint our fireplace & he hates painted brick.

  22. The fresh painted brick does wonders for the floors too…makes them just stand out ! ! Way to go.

  23. Love it! By the way, left you an award on my blog :).

  24. She’s right, Nate…painted brick can be beautiful!

  25. Much better after! I too love painted brick.

    My son is getting ready to paint their brick/siding starter house and they are stumped as to color combinations. Do you have any resources for that? How about asking your readers to submit their photo’s of before and after painting exteriors, especially brick.

  26. I agree. There is a place for natural brick. I have 2 walls of brick facing in my kitchen. And its not pretty red brick. this is fakey but real brick. AND ITS UGLY! This will be painted in the coming months!

  27. I’m on the fence about painting brick but this looks fantastic!

  28. soooo wanted to paint my brick, not because i didn’t like it but because it didn’t match the current deco. It’s an old house and I can’t defile the integrity of the original plan.

  29. I agree, it looks WAY better painted!

  30. AGREED…painted IS better!

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